Most developers remain optimistic despite the looming deadline of the August deadline for declaring an ABSD at the end of the year. This would mean that the state will lose the license to develop software and they will likely be forced to shut down their operations.

However, they are concerned about the impact of losing this type of license. The companies and individuals in the industry are concerned that there is no way to resurrect their business once they are forced to shut down. When developers believe that the ABSD is over, they will begin preparing themselves for the later ABSD deadline which means preparing their projects for the coming year which could have only one opportunity to prove itself worthy.

Developers are unsure of what they should do now that there is a deadline. Should they give up their passion and let the business go bust or should they continue to work as hard as they can?

Many developers aren’t aware of the ramifications of what they may face after the sudden government shutdown. They have never experienced a government shutdown before and they may not know the implications of it. Should they focus on their code for the next year or should they focus on improving their business model?

Remain Optimistic About 2020 When it Comes to Developing Software

Fall sales are a definite possibility due to the fact that most people will be put on work during the weekend. They may not be able to use their computers during the weekend to do any web development and therefore any business might not be able to make money.

There are numerous companies that are now forced to close their doors and some businesses may not be able to reopen. Developers worry about the fact that if their project was their only source of income, they will only be able to support themselves with the earnings from their business and any software will be out of their price range.

Any future work needs will be difficult to find. As technology continues to advance and developers need to learn more advanced languages, the companies who develop such applications will need to move further away from their natural state.

Clients may also want to move from different devices that they have been using to mobile phones to smartphones. Such development will only make the whole industry to stagnate.

Falling Sales Figures

Fall sales are only going to come to the industry if developers start to make a lot of money. The lack of revenue will only cause them to feel depressed and will only lead to them to leave their jobs if they don’t find new ones in the near future.

If markets crash, developers who were confident in their projects’ success will likely see their career change. Some may leave their current jobs, which may force some companies to close down.

Developers are realistic about what is expected after 2020. If the market continues to crash, it will make the task of maintaining their business even harder which could force many to continue working as hard as they can until the worst happens.


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